Friday, May 13, 2011

Presentation Ideas

Hey everyone,

We'll use this thread to have you guys let us know what topics you're considering for your presentations during Week 10. If you have your idea and it's final, let me know. If you're asking for feedback, that's totally fine too. Have your topics set by class on Tuesday.



  1. I am planning to look at how the U.S. can best position itself to avoid a major conflict with China in the next couple of decades. I suggest that we need to start thinking about China as a nation as a separate entity from the Chinese Communist Party. We need to recognize that, while it is the CCP we must deal with right now, in the long-term we must recast ourselves as the friends of the Chinese people. As the interests of the Chinese people and the CCP begin to increasingly diverge, we want to be in a position that will make it really hard for the CCP to keep itself alive by demonizing the U.S. I offer five concrete proposals: (1) unilateral nuclear disarmament, coupled with increased development of theater ballistic missile defense systems, (2) firm commitment to maintain Taiwan's right to reunite with China by their own choice, (3) decreased naval presence in Asia-Pacific rim, (4) technological subsidization of China, particularly of green energy and information technology, and (5) massive educational and cultural exchange programs.

  2. I am thinking to cover China's ethnic minorities issues (mainly focusing on Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia) in the context of historical background, human rights and implications of US/China policy.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I think I'd like to research a policy involving environmental reform, such as cooperation between the US and China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I'd also like to explore the tension between climate change and development economics. I'm still fleshing out the idea, but it will be something along those lines.